Krackers Katering

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Krackers Katering operates as a business but is managed on the belief that financial profit should never come at the expense of peoplesÂ’ growth, independence and wellbeing. Created to achieve both social and economic objectives, Krackers is staffed by individuals who have experienced barriers to employment, including people with mental illness and other challenges. Since 1999, Krackers has grown into a successful social enterprise where over 150 people have gained substantive training and work experience enabling them to move on to other employment opportunities in the community.
Hours of Operation
Monday:07:00 AM 03:00 PM
Tuesday:07:00 AM 03:00 PM
Wednesday:07:00 AM 03:00 PM
Thursday:07:00 AM 03:00 PM
Friday:07:00 AM 03:00 PM
Saturday:Closed Closed
Sunday:Closed Closed

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Krackers Katering
22 O'Meara
Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 3A8
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