Cut the Cake!

Cut the Cake!

Thursday August 17th, 2017
7 pm – 11 pm

Enriched Bread Artists, 951 Gladstone Ave.

The east side of our building will feature a large-scale projection series based on the history and heritage of our building, and the theme of celebration with cakes. Well-known as the former Standard Bread Factory that was built in the “Roaring 1920’s”, the projection will feature archival imagery intertwined with inspired and artistic contemporary interpretations of cake that have been created by EBA artists.

Contributing artists: Sarah Anderson, Marianne Burlew, Heidi Conrod, Tami Galili Ellis, Colette Gréco-Riddle, Marika Jemma, Sayward Johnson, Gayle Kells, Gillian King, Juliana McDonald, Jenny McMaster, Christos Pantieras, Bozica Radjenovic, Mana Rouholamini, Bill Staubi, Cindy Stelmackowich, Svetlana Swinimer, Tavi Weisz, Joyce Westrop, Yvonne Wiegers

Video Direction: Benoît Brunet-Poirier
Photography/Videography: Christopher Snow and Rémi Thériault

(In English or French)

Tell us your cake stories! We invite you to share your memories of cake and of celebration. With a keen focus on the cross experience between food, heritage, and culture, we will capture, via digital storytelling, a diverse range of unique Canadian stories from the culturally diverse Canadians in attendance at our events. On-site storytelling will be available on August 17, 20, and 23. Participation is voluntary.

Cake Stories will be hosted on the first floor of our building. Access to the inside of our building is limited to stairs. We do not have ramps, lifts, or elevators.

Can’t tell us your story in person? No worries! Your story can be sent directly to us at: 

All video files must be no longer than 60 seconds in length, and sent to us by August 31st. The final video will be posted on our social media outlets and catalogued at The National Library and Archives. By submitting your video, you are agreeing to allow us to share your content on our social media.

Tell us about a memory that relates to a special occasion and cake. 
Do you have a culturally specific occasion where cake plays a significant role?

Hello, my name is [blank] and I’m from [blank]. My Cake Story...