DIY Spring Festival!

DIY Spring Festival!

Friday May 4th, 2018
various times

General Assembly, 5 Fairmont Ave

Right here in Wellington West! The DIY Spring Festival. 


- Thandie Dice (Ottawa)
- Seiiizmikk (Ottawa)
- Strange Froots (MTL)

- River Doucette (Aanishnabe floutist)
- Larissa Desrosiers (Aanishnabe, soul)
- Muzzy Legault (Ottawa)
- Cyber (MTL)

In addition, the whole space is going to be turned into an installation by Shaya Ishaq, who did the Black Libraries Matter piece at NSCAD this past year. You might know her, she used to live in Ottawa and is in Halifax now.

The venue it is taking place at is General Assembly, which is a garage-converted-art space, by Sothea Khan and Bruno Soliere.