All about Arts!

All about Arts!

Wednesday April 4th, 2018

There's plenty to see and do here in Wellington West. But sometimes all you want to do is appreciate  - and we've got lots for you to admire, and engage with here in Wellington West.

This neighbourhood is known for its thriving arts scene, and this week there's plenty on offer for the art lover in all of us. Cube Gallery is hosting a vernissage for its latest exhibit, Beaux Reves, featuring the work of Québécois artist Nathalie Freniere. This thought-provoking exposition explores vapourous, enigmatic, abstract vistas.  "At once representational and abstract, she paints with a serene madness that embraces both worlds. " Not to be missed!

Over at Exposure Gallery, you still have time to catch the last week of Landscapes Interpreted: "In the exhibition, LANDSCAPES, interpreted, Jim Lamont and Richard Robesco use their cameras to interpret the land differently. One sees the world through a poetic lens, whether the other takes a more political perspective. Together they reveal the complexity of the Earth and our place on it." Then on April 11, a new exhibit, Concepts, will open.

Over at Fritzi Gallery, be sure to catch Robert Bradley's V is for Veteran, a series of paintings. 

And until April 15 you can catch "The Art of Peter Purdy" at Lorretta Studios where you can witness his transition from street art to the fine art and classical training he received at the Ottawa School of Art.

There's always something happening in Wellington West!