Holland's Cake and Shake Final Lineup will tickle your tummy!

Holland's Cake and Shake Final Lineup will tickle your tummy!

Wednesday March 7th, 2018

One door closes and another one opens. Wellington West anchor, Holland's Cake and Shake, has turned the corner. But The Morning Owl coffee shop is coming around the bend! Check out Holland's Cake and Shake final lineup and be sure to come back in May when Morning Owl opens, featuring Michael Holland as pastry chef! 


Here's the lowdown on what's happening at this contemporary malt shop and bakery, from the mouth of founder Michael Holland himself:

"As we entered the last year of our lease, I was faced with big decisions. Having grown MUCH more than we ever anticipated, I was faced with considering expansion or simply put, shutting the store and moving on to new things. While thinking this through, it just so happened that we started providing @morningowlrochester with some of our brownies. The fit seemed natural.
As of April 2018, Morning Owl will be taking over our space. I will be closing Holland’s Cake and Shake and our last day will Saturday March 10th, 2018. I am very excited about the decision because I will be continuing on as Morning Owl’s resident pastry chef. That means you can still order large cakes, sandwiches will still be made with the milk bread, along many of the same goods including soft serve and new ones that will be found in more than one location.
Here’s the hard part. I will miss seeing the many wonderful people that helped make Cake and Shake what it is. Our customers are the best part of the business. You truly are hardcore. Thank you for your patronage, as well as for the friendships I developed with a number of you. Thank you for your encouragement, and allowing us to be part of your lives.
The new Morning Owl takes over tentatively May 1st. It's going to be fantastic."

Saturday, March 10 is the last day. And here's the final countdown of cakes from this lunch/dessert hotspot:

Final cakes from Holland's Cake and Shake in Wellington West