Merger looks ahead, by looking back - Wellington West's Exposure Gallery

Merger looks ahead, by looking back - Wellington West's Exposure Gallery

Wednesday January 24th, 2018

Wellington West is home to many art galleries, including Exposure Gallery which features photography from SPAO and local photographers.

The current exhibition is one not to be missed, as it takes a look at the very local politics across the river - as Hull is subsumed by Gatineau.

Merger exhibition at Exposure Gallery Wellington West

From the Apartment 613 Article, by local artist Brenda Dunn, about the exhibition:

MERGER is a selection of photos from Villemaire’s larger series Hull ( ) in which he explores the expansion of the Gatineau area and Hull’s consequent erasure. The collection consists of eight square 20 x 20” compositions and one larger 30 x 40” piece, all depicting strangely vacant suburban spaces, parking lots and low-rises, snow-covered sidewalks and stop signs. There is a haunting normalcy that lends eeriness to the outwardly peaceful pieces and I ask Villemaire how he chooses the sites.

“Some I chose because they’re important to me but my process is basically whenever the light is right I would go out and venture round and stop whenever I see something… I have a shot list in my head but if I see something” – here he cites the piece titled I Am Canadian as an example- “you can’t plan a shot like that. I went there early morning… I parked in the arena and when I saw the crux I thought this is a great shot. Some things are planned and some it just happens.”

Read the entire article here

Wellington West is home to a number of great art galleries, including Exposure, Cube, Fritzi and Railbender. Be sure to stop in at one or all of them on your Wellington West journey!