Nocturne X

Nocturne X "Festival of the Night Sky" Returns to Wellington West!

Wednesday July 4th, 2018

Nocturne X is a free, family-friendly, art show and festival now celebrating ten years!

This free community festival in the heart of Wellington West is hosted at Cube Gallery for Friday and Saturday this year.

Too often we cheat the night of darkness by creating light pollution that dims the stars above. Nocturne festival creatively counters that with free lectures, music, sidewalk telescope parties and local businesses all celebrating the night sky.

Join Lecturer Dr. Peter Watson on Friday, July 6th for his Lecture and Discussion:  "All the Gold You Dreamed of" and Charles O'Dale (Ottawa's own Crater Hunter) on Saturday, July 7th for his search of planet Earth's crater explorations and their impacts, for more details, visit here

Following both lectures,  join the Sidewalk Star Party; 
After the sun sets a family friendly sidewalk star party will be hosted by Ottawa's branch of RASC the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and PopScope Ottawa. Telescopes will be set up on the sidewalk in front of Cube Gallery and on Julian Ave. Get the details here.