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4 Questions With Community Artist… Daniel Martelock

For most of Daniel’s art career his work has been focused on mostly illustrative graphic styles of quirky birds, wildlife, birdhouses, and fun colourful backgrounds that can be found through out the Ottawa area. Daniel holds a degree in interior design and yet continues with his original lifelong passion for creating art. Daniels creations sometimes touch on world issues, sometimes dreams, sometimes fantasy all with a dash of innocence and amusement. He enjoys using discarded materials and making them meaningful again. His interest in recycling and reinventing the objects around him, while attempting to create something meaningful fuels Daniels work and his desire to design, paint and create. Daniel currently resides in Ottawa, however his works can be found in private collections around the world.

1. Tell us about some of the artistic work you’ve done in Wellington West:

A few of the art projects I have done in Wellington West are, 

  • The Bagel Shop “Tying our Community Together” (string art on red board)
  • Birdhouses throughout the Hintonburg community for The Hintonburg Happening (10 birdhouses that look like the businesses they are mounted on)
  • Birdhouses at the Rosemount Community Health Centre
  • Bell box at Wellington and fairmount (bird with helmet)
  • Power box 1111 Gladstone 
  • Mailbox Hintonburg Community Center 
  • Parkdale Artwall (creator and painted two murals on it)
  • TASTE of Wellington West live art and community interaction art (silkscreen patch workshop)
  • Bird army mural at Lindel and Carruthers

2. What do you find inspiring about Wellington West?

I find the community is very inspirational in Wellington West. Everyone seems to accept public art and are quite encouraging towards having more. 

3. What are some of your favourite spots to visit when you’re out and about in Hintonburg and Wellington Village?

I have many, but my top are the Hintonburg Public House, Tennessee Willems, Nostalgia Warehouse, Carleton Tavern and Possible Worlds.

4. What projects do you have coming up?

I just completed a permanent art installation at the Rosemount Library in the children’s section titled Launch. It was just recently unveiled.