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7 Must Try Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Wellington West

Need some refreshing ideas to jog your mind next time you’re hemming-and-hawing where to get your veggie breakfast, lunch or dinner from?

Let us do the honours; Wellington West is proud to present a plethora of top-notch vegetarian and vegan restaurants to choose from our always-vibrant neighbourhood. The beauty of these spots is that they are all uniquely different, so you can feel confident having them on-rotation when it’s too hot outside to cook or think for yourself. Here’s a little taste of some neighbourhood favourites:

Check out Strawberry Blonde Bakery for easy, on-the-go breakfast choices. They have a delectable selection of vegan, nut free, dairy free and gluten free muffins, scones, doughnuts and more! They are committed to helping customers find delicious options no matter what their diet specifications are.

Little Jo Berry’s  has a variety of vegan, gluten, dairy & nut-free morning or early afternoon guilt-free treats. Stop by for coffee, pizza, sandwiches or perhaps a cute narwhal-shaped ice cream cone. Their menu is always rotating to keep you coming back for more!

Feline Cafe is the purfect place to grab a veggie- friendly snack and a little kitty therapy after a stressful day. They also have a variety of espresso based drinks, smoothies and blended bevvies that can be made with soy, almond or cocnut milk.

Simply Raw Express has some quick-on-the-go healthy lunch & dinner suggestions. They even have prepared Nourish Boxes that equip your day with a main meal, a salad, a home made cold-pressed juice and a snack or two, just in case. How’s that for a effortlessly delicious and healthy day?!

The Bowl is a great place to grab one tasty vegetarian (or vegan) dish. No really, with a committment to minimizing waste and being eco-friendly, they only have one (scrumptious)  thing on their menu. All the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced; and the end product is also nut-free and gluten free.

The Table , which has been a Wellington West staple since 2000, has a little more of a relaxed, sit-down setting. It is always a crowd favourite, even for “meatarians” who may want to cut back on their meat consumption. They have prepped meals available to go as well, if you prefer to sit on your balcony or back-deck while you savour their labour of love.

Last but not least – Cafe My House, offers a casual fine dining experience with a fresh, seasonally-inspired-ingredients tasting menu. Whether it’s brunch or dinner, impress your friends with a delicious reservation at this liquor licensed establishment, complete with a natural wine list!


Photo Courtesy of: The Table