Hintonburg & Wellington Village

That earthy, rich and almost chocolatey smell poured out of the doorway of a shop.

Inside the humans all chatted at once. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

The humans all snacked on so many things. Soft things. Crispy things. Chewy things. Flaky things. NOM, NOM, NOM.

Parker saw the dark liquid being poured and watched the humans slurp it and smile. SHLURP, SHLURP, SHLURP.

Parker snuck in and tucked themselves behind one of the machines that poured out the delicious smelling liquid. When no one was looking, Parker crept up on top, balancing on the lever, and leaned their mouth under the spout. Then Parker’s little legs gave a push to the lever and the liquid came out right into their mouth. Parker immediately bounced away. Ouch! It was hot! So hot!

Parker clambered about looking for something cool to put their tongue on and saw a glass with ice in it. Parker pressed their tongue against the glass. AAAHHH! That was better. It was better, that is, until Parker realized that the commotion had caught the attention of everyone in the shop who just stared at them. Parker also realized that they had started to feel warm inside and they just wanted to move! Parker felt more excited with every passing second. Parker’s eyes grew big. Parker’s fur stood on end. What had that brown liquid done? Parker liked it!

A human moved to grab Parker but they were too slow and Parker was too fast! It was time to taste everything! Parker bounced around tasting soft things, crispy things, chewy things, and flaky things! The humans ran and screeched and Parker giggled!

Parker found a paper bag and filled it with scraps and bits of all the delicious things and clutched it in one paw. Parker stopped to take one last sip of that almost chocolatey liquid from one of the human’s cups, before vibrating out of the shop.

Eyes bulging, hair standing on end and brain thinking about too many things all at once, Parker couldn’t focus on what to do next. Parker thought this newfound energy could be helpful to gather more food, but without being able to focus could Parker make the right choices? Parker then wondered if there was a way to get rid of this energy boost, so they could think straight.

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