Hintonburg & Wellington Village

The morning light struck Parker directly in the eyelid. Parker’s eyelid wiggled and fluttered and finally sprung wide open. Parker’s eyes darted around. Their nose crinkled and sniffed.

Parker suddenly sat straight up! Something was wrong. The air had a chill to it. Parker’s stomach had a grumble to it. Outside was quiet… too quiet!

Peeking out the hole in their tree, Parker saw some of the leaves had already fallen from the trees! The smell of pumpkin spice drifted on the wind. Parker had overslept! But how?!

Parker looked around and saw there was less than the regular hustle and bustle. Things looked a little different. The humans looked different too. Parker couldn’t quite put their paw on how they looked different … something about their faces maybe?

Usually the shouts of children as they marched off to school and the honking of cars made Parker aware that it was time to start collecting food for winter. Now they were late and they’d have to hope there was still something suitable somewhere to store in their tree for winter. Otherwise their stomach would be grumbling all winter long. Parker’s stomach grumbled in agreement.

Parker didn’t have any time to lose. They thought it might be smart to get a map of the area so they could quickly find the spots that would have the best chance of still having food. Then again, Parker knew where there were always fresh vegetables and their mom had always insisted that they start smart with vegetables!

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