Hintonburg & Wellington Village

The sweet scent led Parker to a shop they’d never been to before. Parker saw a man with boxes piled taller than himself on a wheeled cart. A delivery man! Parker hopped on top of the pile of boxes and held on tight as the man whipped and whirled and bumped and thumped the cart across the parking lot and into the back room of the shop.

Parker leapt through the air landing on the top of a refrigerator where they waited for their chance. When the baker got to work, Parker was mesmerized watching dough being mixed in a mixing bowl. SHOOKA, SHOOKA, SHOOKA!

The smell of the little rings being baked reminded Parker of birthdays. Parker took a deep, long sniff and then fell over backwards in happiness. SNIIIIIFFFFF! THUNK! Then came the most beautiful part as the baker spread colorful icing on the freshly baked rings. Parker realized what the baker was making – donuts!

As Parker danced and clapped with excitement, the baker scattered sprinkles all over the icing. Then the baker stopped and looked up to the top of the refrigerator. Right at Parker.

The baker grabbed a dish towel to chase Parker away with. Parker sprung down from the refrigerator, slid across the floor, scrambled onto the counter, and knocked over a big jar of flour. POOF! Parker was covered in flour but had to keep going. The dish towel came down near Parker. POOF! POOF! POOF!Parker leapt to the table, landed with a splat in a bowl of icing! They quickly rolled out of the bowl right into sprinkles! Gah! So sticky! The baker chased Parker out of the kitchen, into the shop and out the front door.

Parker scrambled away and hid next to a dumpster outside. As Parker tried to lick all the sticky icing and sprinkles off, they watched human kids dressed very strangely knock on doors at houses. When the people answered the door the kids would yell, “Stinky Feet!” and the people would put apples and candy in bags the kids held out.

“That seems promising,” thought Parker. Parker also thought that they hadn’t had a lot of luck finding food for the winter yet. Maybe taking a moment to think up a proper plan might be the best thing to to the right Parker’s nose sniffed something spicy.

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