Hintonburg & Wellington Village

Parker stood hiding just inside the front doors of the map shop, their eyes wide with wonder. There were SO MANY MAPS! How were they ever going to find what they needed? The only way to do it, thought Parker, was a thorough, shelf by shelf search.

Parker flipped through the maps with their paws. FLIP, FLIP, FLIP. Then bounded over to the next shelf. FLIP, FLIP, FLIP.

When a human walked by, Parker knew to duck behind something until they passed.

Parker knew to stand COMPLETELY. STILL. One time a sweet old lady shuffled past so quietly, Parker didn’t have time to hide. Parker held up a map up in front of themselves and knew to stand COMPLETELY. STILL. The sweet old lady just shuffled on by whistling a tune to herself and took no notice of Parker.

Parker ended up finding many maps. A map for historically important spots, a map of great fishing spots, a map of top-rated restaurants and a map of bird locations. Although history was important, Parker couldn’t fill their tree with it. Parker was fast, but fish were faster. Parker also didn’t have the patience to fish. The restaurant locations were helpful too, but you could never count on the leftovers being any good. Parker’s mom had always taught them to cook their own meals anyway. They just needed some good cookbook recipes. Bird locations were helpful to know though. Humans were always feeding the birds and there’d surely be something worthy to chase down.

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