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Fresh Starts in Wellington West

For the month of April we are extending four challenges from a few of our merchants to encourage everyone to get a fresh start this spring. Brought to you in part by, Ridout & Maybee LLP

Challenge number one is to go plastic free! By reducing our consumption of single use plastics, we also reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste that ends up in our landfills and oceans. Terra20 offer their ecobar service, where you simply refill your containers of household products. By refilling the same container indefinitely, you save a ton of money and reduce a ton of waste! NU Grocery are experts in zero waste grocery shopping, and that means cutting single use plastic bags out of your life for good! Pick up a reusable produce bag or two, and try out their bee’s wax paper wraps, and replacement for cling wrap.

Challenge number two is to tune up your bike! Not only is bicycling an excellent activity for both your physical and mental health, but also an environmentally friendly method of transportation that reduces pollution and traffic congestion! Stay safe out there by keeping your ride tuned up and fully equipped with bright lights and a sturdy lock. Our bicycle experts have you covered, whether you check out newcomers, Full Cycle or old favourites, Fresh Air Experience

Challenge number three is to plant a flower! Such a simple and rewarding way to bring new colour and life into your world. Pay a visit to the amazing florists of Blumenstudio and Wild Willy’s and let them introduce you to some new plant friends.

Challenge number four is to clean up the ‘hood! We all know what a mess our streets, sidewalks and parks are left in after the snow melts away. We hope you will join the BIA by pitching in the help keep the community clean. We will be participating in Cleaning the Capital this year on April 27th in Wellington West. Visit Giant Tiger Xpress and Morris Home Hardware to stock up on sturdy gloves, clothes, garden tools and make sure to buy paper yard waste bags.