Hintonburg & Wellington Village

Parker arrived at the park and was excited to see a few children playing on the structures. Kids could be counted on to drop their snacks. Parker’s favourite were the little sticks of oats and nuts that had little bits of chocolate and marshmallow.

There were two bird feeding humans sitting next to each other on a bench tossing seeds to a group of pigeons. Parker wasted no time and bounded over snatching up seeds that had scattered away from the pigeons. One pigeon noticed what Parker was doing and cooed, “Hey squirrel! What are you doing?Those are our seeds!”

Parker replied with their cheeks full, “There’s so much, I didn’t think you’d mind if I just had a few.”

More pigeons gathered around and Parker saw they might be in trouble. A big pigeon said in a deep pigeon coo, “You think the squirrel’s friends with the seagulls?”

“What do you say squirrel? You stealing for the seagulls? They send you here on our feed day?

Then suddenly there was a loud “SKWA! SKWA!” Parker spat out the seeds in fear. Seagulls landed behind Parker. One seagull spoke in it’s squeaky voice, “We were flying by and couldn’t help overhear you pigeons saying mean things about us.”

“We had an agreement,” cooed a pigeon, “Every other day and both of us on Sundays. But now you’re sending a squirrel to steal for you on our day?”

“SKWA! SKWA!” squawked the seagulls, “We didn’t send the squirrel!”

All of a sudden there was squawking and cooing and wings flapping everywhere. Parker made a run for it and left the park empty handed. As Parker passed the gates of the park however, the air seemed to fill with delicious scents that tickled the inside of their nose. Sniffing to the left Parker’s nose sniffed something sweet. Sniffing to the right Parker’s nose sniffed something spicy.

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