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Joe’s Italian Kitchen

About Joe’s Italian Kitchen

Joe’s Italian Kitchen’s mission is to provide guests with a memorable dining experience on each and every visit. Several ingredients are combined to accomplish this goal. First, we offer an exceptional, mouth-watering, diverse menu of Italian comfort dishes that showcase the essence of Italian cuisine. We are also Canada’s first certified Pinsaria. What is Pinsa? It’s the next generation of pizza made with a blend of sourdough, rice, soy and wheat flour. Imported directly from Rome, it is GMO free, low in fat and calories, giving it a delightful aroma and making it easy to digest. Creating and serving our tasty menu, is our team of exceptional individuals committed to going above and beyond to deliver the utmost in customer service making each guest feel like they are part of the family. Finally, each location is meticulously constructed to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere where guests can unwind and feel relaxed upon arrival. Together, these ingredients create an unforgettable dining experience.