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Claim Your Listing

Claim and Customize your Directory Listing
Quick Start Guide for BIA Member Businesses

Easy steps for all business:

  1. Claim your listing: To make changes, select “Claim Listing” on your directory listing page and follow the instructions to set up an account (see details below).
  2. Customize your listing: Enhance and enrich your directory listing page with the following custom features:
    • Upload multiple photos: Every business will have at least one external photo by default, but you can upload as many more as you like.
    • Choose your “Feature Buttons”: Choose up to two special buttons to redirect customers to an online service, social media channel, etc. 
    • Key word tags: Make your listing more searchable by adding as tags to describe your products or services. 
    • Write a custom description: Tel customers about your business, products and/or services and why they should visit you!

Step 1 – Claim your listing and create your website login

  1. Visit our Merchant Directory and search for your listing using the search bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click your business name or photo in the tile view (search results) in order to view the detailed listing page.
  3. Select “Claim Listing”.
  4. Select “Register” to create your account.
  5. Create your username and enter the email address with which you will manage your BIA directory listing.
  6. Check your mailbox for the confirmation email which contains a link to set your password.
    • Important: You must click the link from the confirmation email to set your password before navigating to the login page.
  7. Create your password and select “Reset Password”, to set your password.
  8. Select “Log In” to continue to “Claim Listing”, The login link can also be accessed via your confirmation email.

Step 2 – Login to submit a request to claim your listing

  1. Login here and enter your email/username and password.
  2. Search for your listing, open the detailed listing view, and select “Claim Listing”. 
  3. Enter your name, phone number and position in the “Listing Claim Request” form, personalize a message to the BIA office if you choose, and select “Send”.
  4. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that your listing claim request has been submitted.
  5. Once your request has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email and will be able manage your listing.

Step 3 – Login to review and manage your listing

  1. Login here and enter your email/username and password and select “Log In”.
  2. Search for your listing using the search bar at the top of the page.
  3. Select the “Edit” button which now appears in the tile view (search results) of your listing.
    • Important: The “Edit” button only appears in the tile view of your listing in the search results, there is no “Edit” button on the detailed listing page, so make sure you select “Edit” before trying to open your detailed listing.
  4. Review and edit your listing. “Preview” and “Submit” your changes using the buttons at the bottom of the page.
  5. Your listing will now appear as a “Verified Listing” to directory visitors
  6. Log in to update your listing as changes occur.

Special Features and guidance for reviewing your listing

Once your listing claim request has been verified, you can login to review and manage your listing. Verify that all your contact information, social media and website links are current and correct. Read more about special features you can add to get the most out of your listing:

  1. Photos: Upload photos that showcase your business and will help customers identify your location. We try to make sure that each business in our directory has at least one photo of their entrance to help customers navigate the area. 
  2. Describe your business: Help potential customers get to know your business, build their trust and drive them to your business or website by adding a business description. Let them know Who, What, Where and Since When? Try to avoid adding information that will go stale like “serving customers for two years”, for example. Try saying “serving customers since 2019” instead. Add a few short sentences on what your business stands for, what you specialize in, or tell the story of how your business got started.
  3. Feature buttons: Use feature buttons for quick calls to action that matter most. Choose up to two feature buttons like “shop online”, “make a reservation” “follow us”, “book an appointment”, and more! Then, specify the URL you want the button to point to. We recommend being as specific as possible with your URL. You’ll have an opportunity to add your website home page elsewhere in your listing.
  4. Keywords: Create a list of keywords to help directory visitors find your business. Your listing will be tagged with these keywords so that if a search is performed using one of them, your listing will appear in the results.

For any questions about claiming your listing, please contact: