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Comfort Food in Wellington West – 2019

It is nearly Spring time in Wellington West, it’s so close now we can almost feel the warmth, almost… it’s still a bit wintry outside. But you shouldn’t let the weather get you down, and one great way to maintain hope and good vibes is with a delicious and comforting meal! We have a few pics here from some local gems in Wellington West that should satisfy any craving. Check out our full directory of local restaurants and food shops and share your favourites with us on social media for your chance to win a prize from the BIA.

A hearty plate of meatloaf and vegetables from Absinthe, 1208 Wellington St. West
From the ocean to your plate, an octopus stew at Bar Laurel, 1087 Wellington St. West
The earthy, goodness of wild mushrooms and bok choy at Carben, 1100 Wellington St. West
The choices of sweet, French pastries are endless at Les Moulins La Fayette, 1000 Wellington St. West
Cook for yourself or someone you love with this beautiful, stuffed chicken from Marche Hintonburg, 1059 Wellington St. West
A classic slice of cheesy lasagna from Parma Ravioli, 1314 Wellington St. West
Winter vegetables star in this celeriac and brown butter soup at Stofa, 1356 Wellington St. West
Three simple ingredients on a wood oven cooked pizza from Tennessy Willems, 1082 Wellington St. West
An early harvest, extra virgin olive oil – a favourite of top Ottawa chefs, from Aurelius, 1283 Wellington St. West.
Sweet, gooey wonder, a sticky toffee pudding topped with ice cream from Wellington GastroPub, 1325 Wellington St. West
Nothing says comfort like a bit of chocolate, find the highest quality, local sweets at Herb & Spice, 1310 Wellington St. West.