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4 Week Spring Vitality Shift
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4 Week Spring Vitality Shift

Welcome to the Spring Vitality Shift, a 4 week program to help support your body and mind shift towards a state of well being. The goal of this program is to help teach you ways to support your body in removing negative energetic influences on it. This includes supporting physical and emotional pathways of detoxification as well as assessing what parts of your life may be tapping into your energy reserves without you realizing it.

Join us at Arc of Life Natural Health Group for 4 weeks on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30. Each week we will focus on how you can best support different aspects of your being.

Week 1: Jump start your health and learn practical nutrition plus lifestyle tips to support liver detoxification of both physical and emotional influenes.

Week 2: Dive deeper into your nutrition and support gut healing to glow from the inside out. Help to release what you might be holding onto that might not be serving you.

Week 3: Explore the brain-gut connection and learn mindful eating tips to support “Rest and Digest” and lower stress. Begin to pay attention to things and people in your life that are draining your emotional energetic reserves.

Week 4: Make an impact and support detoxificaiton of Mother Earth by choosing sustainable products for your body and household. Let the energy of the Earth support you as you learn to support it.

This program includes weekly in-person sessions with handouts of all the things talked about as well as a personally curated tea to support elimination pathways to drink during the program. In addition an online support will be included fostering a sense of community and support during the days between sessions.

For any further questions please get in touch with Dr. Alexandra at

There is one price that includes the 4 sessions and all of the resources. If you are unable to attend one or more of the sessions the support and supplies from the session will be made available to you.

Event Details

  • Wednesday, May 29th, 2019
  • 06:30 PM –
  • Arc of Life Chiropractic

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