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Foodie Feature: Sweets Showcase

There is a dazzling array of sweets to be found throughout Hintonburg and Wellington West, at bakeries, restaurants, stores, chocolate shops and more. Our TASTE of Wellington West culinary curator, Paula Roy, has visited a few of her favourite spots and describes the delicious treats she picked up along the way. Watch as she talks about:

  • ice cream treats at The Merry Dairy
  • the ever-changing roster of sweets at Bread By Us
  • delicious cakes and cookies to be found at the nut-free Cake Shop
  • packaged pastries at Dollarama
  • vegan-friendly (and often gluten-free too!) delights at Little Jo Berry’s
  • giant cookies at Happy Goat Coffee Co.
  • delightfully decadent squares at Thyme and Again
  • handcrafted truffles and other treats from Stubbe Chocolates
  • ‘best in class’ products at Suzy Q Doughnuts

Of course, there are lots more places where you can find sweet delights, including Wellington West’s many coffee shops such as Bridgehead, Morning Owl and The Second Cup as well as in food shops and on restaurant menus. Why not plan your own sweets showcase? 


Event Details

  • October 12
  • 12:00 pm