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FIND 91 reasons to eat raw food

You might think SimplyRaw Express is just a little café, but the food is almost secondary to the mission of guiding people on the path to healthy eating, one delicious bite at a time.

“What we serve is the healthiest fast food available,” jokes SimplyRaw Express owner Natasha Kyssa, a best-selling author, mother, TEDx Speaker, and raw foodist of 25 years. “So many people come in off the street and they are curious about what we do here. My team and I eagerly share information about key ingredients, nutritional properties as well as tools and techniques for incorporating raw foods into one’s diet. Many of us are vegan. We love showing people how easy it is to start out by introducing small changes as they embark on their own personal nutritional transformation.”

The food is entirely plant-based, plus it’s also gluten-free, peanut-free and allergen friendly. The raw menu includes juices, smoothies, organic salads and scrumptious wraps and there are some cooked offerings as well, including quinoa bowls and breakfast sandwiches on gluten-free bagels brimming with homemade cashew cheese, chipotle mayonnaise and fresh vegetables. Creating decadent desserts is definitely one of Natasha’s superpowers, from brownies to chocolate-almond butter cups, peppermint patties, cheesecakes and more.

While supportive, informal education is on the menu every day, more structured sessions including individual consultations, culinary workshops plus guided cleansing and weight loss programs are also available.

Spend ten minutes with Natasha and you’ll be amazed at her youthful vigour. But perhaps the most impressive guru of all can often be found helping her out in the kitchen.  Natasha’s 91 year old mom is a remarkable testament to the power of good, wholesome food prepared from scratch. Her lifelong love of clean eating is what inspired Natasha and has made SimplyRaw Express a regional destination for those ready to embrace healthier food.

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