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FIND a bakery where the magic ingredient is people

Usually a bakery will carefully protect their secret ingredients – a bit more butter, an unexpected herb, maybe Nutella in the brownies (more about that later). But Ghummaz, Adi and Veda, owners of the recently opened Les Moulins La Fayette don’t hesitate to tell you what makes their food special: “It’s totally the people!”

They say that having those right ingredients – the great people they hire – enables the dynamic trio of friends behind LMLF to branch out in multiple, impressive directions.

And it’s not hard to see that spirit at work when you walk in the door of this buzzing neighbourhood hub. From the amazing, almost supernatural synchronicity between the three young owners, to the friendly passion of their staff, it’s all proof these self-described serial entrepreneurs are having a positive and lasting impact on everyone they work with. And not just in the café, but through other fruitful community collaborations.

They team has forged amazing partnerships with other local businesses whose wares are featured in the café, including Maker House, Blue Peaches Furniture, potter Steffi Acevedo and local purveyors of cold pressed juices and kombucha. They’ve recently expanded their community connections with Ichiban Bakery, whose scones will be featured at the Hintonburg café, which will, in turn, be supplying pastries, sandwiches and more to Ichiban’s three locations.

At Les Moulins La Fayette, the owners say they’re not focused as much on profit as they are on revenue – which allows them to support their staff with fair wages and benefits, which in turn gives stability and the chance to leverage skills and enthusiasm, and that gives them the tools to do great things in their community.

For example, the trio has also founded two charities: Frontline Healthcare Inc. provides subsidized mental health care for first responders and their families, and Transcend Above Potential offers resources and coaching to help members of the younger generation to look beyond traditional careers. In addition, the bakery is a generous supporter of the Parkdale Food Centre and has hired two full-time staff from the Causeway Work Centre.

While LMLF has quickly become a neighbourhood favourite thanks to its exceptionally delicious food and drink (you really, really need to try those Nutella brownies!), the real secret to its appeal is the warm, friendly atmosphere, supplied by….you guessed, it, the “magic ingredient” staff.

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