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FIND a way to defy Father Time

It’s more than just a compassionate, caring clinic. Arc of Life Chiropractic Natural Health Group is also a place where connections are forged – not only between practitioners and patients, but also between patients themselves. It’s the kind of place where you’ll feel the comfort of being welcomed into a wellness-focused family.

Arc of Life’s highly trained doctors use the latest technology to help patients actively participate in a customized plan of care. “Patients really value going over test results with the doctor and are often surprised to find out how gentle the adjustments can be,” explains Dr. Pauline So, the clinic’s founder. People tell us, “I only wish I’d come in sooner!”

Although Dr. Pauline established her warm and welcoming practice 19 years ago, she and her husband, Dr. Brent Waddell, chose to move the clinic to Wellington West last year so they could live and work in the same community. “We see this area as being a perfect fit for our services which include chiropractic (for everyone, including pediatric and prenatal), naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy and life coaching,” she notes. They also offer a variety of workshops and will soon add yoga classes to their suite of services.

“We have a lot of multigenerational families from all across the region who tell us they feel like members of the Arc of Life community which proves to us that people of all ages can get great results here,” explains Dr. Brent. “Often when one member of the family experiences amazing changes, they want that for the rest of their family too.”

What Arc of Life offers is unique and transformative. As an example, a focus on helping patients achieve more restful sleep yields huge dividends. “Better sleep is a sure-fire way to feel more energized, says Dr. Pauline. “Learning how to sleep more effectively is remarkable; many people find their thinking and concentration improve plus their immune system is stronger.” She offers some great tips in this quick video.

One visit and you’ll quickly discover that Arc of Life puts the care back in healthcare. It’s a place where no matter how you feel when you walk in, you’re likely to walk out feeling well cared for, relaxed and on track towards getting back to enjoying the activities you love.

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