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FIND room to breathe. And a cup of tea.

Founder and director Devinder Kaur first established PranaShanti (Prana=breath; Shanti=peace) in 2003 as an online community to promote the benefits of yoga. Ten years ago, she expanded to open the PranaShanti Yoga Centre to help practitioners better connect with themselves on a holistic level. “So many of the common complaints today, including stress, anxiety and depression, are all tied to breathing,” she explains. “If people can learn to ground themselves, breathe deeply and make room for stillness within, they will be so much better equipped for modern life.”

What sets PranaShanti apart is having four studio rooms, so there is always a choice of classes in every time slot. Whether you’re looking for something gentle or more physical, heated or regular temperature, when you arrive at the studio you can decide what you feel like doing. There is also a wide range of styles of classes for all levels of students, from restorative to more advanced including Hatha, Kundalini, Flow, Yin and even family yoga.

As the largest yoga training centre east of Toronto, practitioners benefit from a highly skilled pool of yoga teachers. In addition, PranaShanti’s valued community partnerships with organizations such as World Spine Care, the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Love Your Brain serve to emphasize the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness for those recovering from issues such as heart disease, cancer, traumatic brain injury or mental health challenges.

Devinder believes yoga is ageless and timeless, noting that she is constantly inspired by the wide age range of those who come through their doors to practice yoga together, from teens through to people in their 80s. “I also love seeing people who have a genuine desire to care for themselves from the inside out,” she adds.

As for the tea? It’s just part of the welcoming spirit that pervades every corner of PranaShanti. As Devinder explains, “we always have a big pot of tea on in the reception area so as soon as people come in, they can instantly relax, connect and feel part of the community.”

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