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FIND Hintonburg’s funkiest closet

Imagine having a best friend with incredible fashion sense; the one who can always find that perfect vintage scarf to make an outfit pop, or can always pull together that amazing whole new look with perfectly chosen pieces. Now imagine you can just walk into their closet and try on anything you want. That’s how it feels walking into Hintonburg’s Trove Fashion, where self-taught fashionista Kelly Gawargy’s carefully curated collection of fashion and accessories is sure to suit you to a tee.

Consignment shopping is not only the most unique way to express your personal style, it’s also affordable and eco-friendly! And, as Kelly explains, consignment shopping is a great way to keep your wardrobe fresh and concise. A good ‘minimalist closet’ goal is to regularly wear 75% of what you own and the consignment process will definitely help you get there.

With its chic, boho vibe, Trove offers a wide range of labels from mid-range to ultra-high end, including women’s and men’s fashion, vintage pieces – set out in a dedicated section – and loads of accessories too. It’s also the ‘no junk to be found’ spot, only accepting items that are in near-mint condition.

Hintonburg’s eclectic character is perfectly reflected in the funky, edgy atmosphere at Trove. Why not sashay down there to dress yourself for the holiday season (check out these awesome Trove Tips on holiday attire) or pick up a present for the fashion lover in your life? At the same time, you’ll find an expanded selection of gift items from local artisans.

A trip to Trove Fashion is like a fun visit with an enthusiastic personal stylist. As Kelly says, “Working with customers to pull outfits together is my favourite thing to do. The joy of running a consignment store is helping people find their ‘wow’ piece and having them realize they don’t have to spend a fortune to look amazing.”

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