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FIND Ottawa’s most donut-positive fitness studio

Iron North, Hintonburg’s strength, spin, run and yoga studio, operates on the principles of setting goals while also finding peace with enjoying your life. “We all need balance so eat the foods you enjoy, indulge occasionally, but take care of yourself at the same time,” explains founder Jenna Ladd, who applies the same ethos to her roles as mom, trainer, pace bunny, Ironman competitor and business owner.

Jenna and her team are far more concerned about being fit and healthy than inches and pounds lost, kilos lifted or frequency of workouts. “As a multidiscipline studio, we want people to enjoy finding fitness in different ways and get excited about making it a regular part of their lives.”

Training regimens are highly customized in acknowledgement of the fact that everyone comes from a different place in their lives and has different goals, not to mention varying ability levels, body types and athleticism. At Iron North, fitness is seen as a transformative process that relies on both successes and failures to achieve lasting change.

“Of course we cheer for progress but failures or setbacks are also celebrated as triumphs because it means you are genuinely trying and working towards soliciting change in your life. And when you do fail, the entire Iron North family is there for you. We’ll help you, then give you a hug…and a donut.”

Having highly trained staff who are masters in the disciplines they teach is key to Iron North’s appeal. Just like clients, staff are encouraged to make improvement, seek guidance, and attend training to constantly improve. It’s a ‘practice what we preach’ kind of place.

Jenna’s parting words of wisdom: “We’re not saying don’t strive for that six pack…but enjoy pushing yourself and then embrace going for a six pack of donuts as a reward.”

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