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FIND Ottawa’s only indoor-outdoor wellness studio

Visit Metta Movement and Meditation to practice and learn more about one of the top new wellness trends that is sweeping through North American cities – secular meditation. The studio – with its well-equipped indoor space and a delightful hidden courtyard behind – offers daily drop-in classes ranging from guided meditation to body scans to open awareness practices for students of all levels and interests.

The studio’s movement classes emphasize natural flexibility, strength, functional movement, mobility, agility, balance, play and expressive dance, utilizing a creative selection of interactive games plus props such as bamboo poles, beanbags and balance beams. They are suitable for anyone wanting to experience greater enjoyment of their body’s natural mobility, including recreational and competitive athletes, yogis, older bodies, youth interested in parkour, hipsters and teenagers.

Owner Janet Nicol is leveraging her many years as a yoga and physical education teacher, international traveler and student of various movement traditions to inform the studio’s mission. Metta offers over 25 classes a week from the city’s finest movement and meditation instructors.

Metta also offers an ever-changing suite of events and workshops including a monthly community singing group, partner Thai massage workshops, and even a series of discussions on reconciliation, to name but a few.  Upcoming special events include a Movnat Natural Movement training course as well as a Fighting Monkeys task-based movement workshop.

“Our primary focus is on group classes because we believe mental and physical health is best achieved in the company of others.”  explains Janet. “In response to client feedback, however, we did recently open a new private treatment room for one-on-one meditation coaching, massage therapy and psychotherapy. We also now offer corporate team building in the main studio.”

“My hope is that we can all flourish in loving kindness, as we build a community and support one another on this less-than-traditional path of movement and meditation… in a funky studio, hidden behind a coffee shop, with tatami mats on the floor and giant birds on the wall!”

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