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FIND Ottawa’s shortest menu: just one dish

Just one item on the whole menu? That might strike you as unusually daring – and certainly unique among the more than 80 restaurants in the Wellington West area. But The Bowl on Holland Avenue doesn’t make any apologies for the one fresh, simple, and flavourful flagship dish they offer. And that dish has been winning over innumerable hearts and palates in the process – so much so that expansion plans are in the works.

So what is this one dish? It’s in their name actually: they call it “The Bowl”.  You could describe it as a “rice bowl”, but that doesn’t do it justice. The Bowl starts with a rice and black bean base, with a host of fresh toppings including avocado, olives, salsa, cheese and more (which you can edit to suit your preferences). Place your order and your generously-proportioned bowl of nut-free, gluten-free, nutritious deliciousness is speedily assembled, in vegetarian or vegan form.

The secret, not-to-be-missed ingredient is the tangy, tasty “KiKi sauce”, named for its inventor, co-owner Kristy “Kiki” Gaetz. The sauce, brimming with freshly-toasted spices, adds a burst of flavour to each bowl.

While there is technically just one dish on offer, you can pair your bowl with locally-made favourites Buchipop kombucha, Los Cantores tortilla chips and Happy Goat coffee, as well as fresh, house-made black bean and avocado brownies. Keeping it this simple sure makes the ordering process easy, with few decisions and minimal waiting! It’s especially popular as a fast, healthy, grab-and-go lunch option for the Tunney’s Pasture crowd.

So why just one dish? The Bowl has its sights firmly set on sustainability. Using compostable dishes and reducing the ingredients they need to purchase enables them to mindfully source top quality items while also minimizing waste. Customers reap the benefits of the freshest produce and better value while supporting a business with a reduced overall footprint.

As Kristy’s business partner, Amy Munro, likes to say:

“It better be good if you’re only serving one dish!”

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