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FIND the place to meet your makers

It’s a place where you can absolutely feel the personal, hands-on love of real craftspeople. And that’s true whether you’re looking for unique small gifts or your family’s future furniture heirlooms. With over 2000 items created by more than 150 Canadian makers, most of them local, Hintonburg’s Maker House is dedicated to taking us back to a time when things were not made in factories overseas. The shop offers eclectic, beautiful and practical wares that evoke cherished memories of things like summer camp, cottage country, winter sports, CBC, nature or Canadian geography.

Founder Gareth Davies intentionally designed Maker House to also serve as a cheerleader of sorts, helping customers get to know the craftspeople whose brands they carry and want to boost. For example, you might meet Anna Chandler Merlo, a budding maker at 12 years old and co-founder of The Wax Studio. Gareth says he is totally impressed by both her drive and professionalism as she crafts truly unique candles made one at a time from local Ottawa Valley beeswax and vegetable-based, eco-friendly dyes. You might have seen Anna’s beautiful products at a craft show; now, being a part of Maker House she has access to a retail opportunity that stands shoulder to shoulder with other stores across the city.

It’s no wonder that people from the diplomatic corps favour Maker House as a go-to spot but, as Gareth notes:

“From politicians to pub owners, it’s where everyone finds great gifts!”

And you never know with whom you’ll rub shoulders as you choose an ornament or enjoy a belly laugh or two while browsing the huge selection of hilarious greeting cards.

Maker House will once again be launching their holiday wish book in mid-November; it’s a guide to some of the best gifts in their collection. To sweeten the deal, over the holiday season, Maker House’s ongoing Craft Change program will see 2% of every single sale get donated to the Parkdale Food Centre. Last year, the cheque was over seven thousand dollars!

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