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FIND Uncle Bob’s rock n’ roll socks

Bob Cabana’s shop – which he describes as part museum and part clothing store – has been steeped in nostalgia since its opening day almost 30 years ago. As he explains, “The Beatles were the Fab Four, clothing was called ‘gear’ in the ‘60s, 1964 was the year the Beatles made it big, and I own a ’64 Mustang – so Fabgear 64 it is!”

Local folks and celebrities from the worlds of music and film alike love to visit the Hintonburg store thanks to its emphasis on carrying what you won’t find anywhere else, usually in limited editions. A display of autographed photos and album covers featuring Charlie Sheen, Steve Earle, David Byrne, Mike McDonald and more hints at Bob’s impressive roster of clients. In addition to affiliations with local radio stations and music festivals, he’s the official clothier for some up-and-coming bands as well as established ones like The Young Rascals.

When it comes to gifts, Fabgear 64 carries a new line of pop-culture themed shirts and socks, as well as some novelty items celebrating the legalization of marijuana in Canada. Bob proudly points to new Bruno Capela fedoras in stock, as well as elegant, British-made shoes which purchasers can customize with their own colour or pattern. A line of vintage bathing suits is set to arrive in December, the perfect complement to the vibrant array of Hawaiian shirts. Don’t miss the rock-and-roll onesies for the hardcore babies in your life and be sure to follow @Fabgear64 on Instagram to check out new product arrivals.

One last tip: Musicians who shop at Fabgear 64 get a discount, and you don’t have to buy a Beatle suit to qualify. As the drummer for classic rock band Bone, “Uncle” Bob knows exactly how to help anyone make a stylish impression, on or off stage. As the shop’s mission statement attests, its aim is to funkify the city of Ottawa, to which Bob adds, “We definitely don’t do beige at Fabgear 64.”

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