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FIND your wheelhouse this year

It’s a place where thousands of people each week reconnect with their bodies, brains and fellow fitness aficionados in remarkable ways. As Wheelhouse’s founders Nadine Hogan and Heather Andrews like to say, spinning classes on stationary bikes are about so much more than getting in a good cardio workout. “People who come here also get a chance to break out of routines, have space and time to themselves and block out the pressures of their daily lives.”

What else does spinning offer? The chance to push yourself more than you thought was possible.

The residual effect of these intense workouts is remarkable, as people can apply what they learn about themselves in the studio to other situations. “We hear so often that spinning teaches you how to truly focus and take the strength you gain in class into other areas of your life,” explains Nadine. “We see time and again how transformative it is, both physically and mentally. Our bodies can take a lot and keep going if we build the mental toughness – spinning is the perfect pathway.”

A visit to Wheelhouse is a truly immersive experience. Newcomers and veteran spinners alike (often ranging in age from 13 to 70+) form a tight, supportive community where everyone draws energy from the dynamic coaching and powerful music. There’s zero intimidation, since riding happens in a dark room, allowing you to focus on shattering your own personal goals rather than competing with others.

“I’m surprised by how connected Wheelhouse riders consistently become to each other and our team as a whole,” notes Nadine. “That’s one of the things Heather and I are most proud of – seeing people drawn together into genuine friendship thanks to their shared experiences in the studio.”

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Photo credit: Kenya-Jade Pinto