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Taking the bagel from the oven to the laptop

“People have been asking us about online ordering and shipping for a long time, but we never had the impetus to do it,” says Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli owner Liliana Piazza. “It was definitely in the back of my mind, until this shutdown happened, and we had to get it up immediately.”

When the COVID crisis hit, the restaurant had to close and Liliana started working on making that idea a reality. An online store was setup at and now bagels, deli and retail items are all available for order. The seating area has been converted to a packing and shipping department to fulfill orders. Liliana says her priority is keeping her staff healthy and maintaining safe distances throughout the workday.

Bagelshop staff have been pulling together and learning as they adapt to this new business model. “Most people understand this is a first-time thing for us. As a small business you don’t get to rehearse, you just have to do your best with what you have.”

The Bagelshop is giving back to the community and have committed to donating 10% of all bagels sold to Parkdale Food Centre. For every 10 dozen bagels sold, one dozen bagels will go to helping out neighbours in need.

The Bagelshop recently celebrated its 36th year in business and Liliana hopes to open the doors again soon. For the most up-to date information, sign up for their newsletter or follow Liliana and her team on Facebook or Instagram.