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Morris Home Hardware
1226 Wellington Street West Main

This week’s find:

FIND Canada’s seventh largest SCUBA store

Mike Morris’ grandfather founded the Wellington West store over seventy years ago. Today, his grandson continues to operate it with the same legendary service ethic and an astonishing array of goods crammed into a fairly small urban store. But what you might not know is that Mike is also a fervent SCUBA diver and expert. Or that his nickname is “Sharky”.

As a result, the basement of the shop is just as packed as upstairs, with all manner of SCUBA and snorkelling gear, including tanks, regulators, wetsuits, fins, masks and more, in a store called Sharky’s SCUBA Supply.

Mike opened Sharky’s in 1990 as the only dedicated scuba and snorkelling shop in the region; it has since become the seventh largest SCUBA store in Canada, with a SCUBA training school and twenty-two instructors. Sharky’s even offers instructor certification, something not available anywhere else in Canada.

Mike regularly leads diving trips to some of his favourite southern locales; this year it’s taking place in Bonaire from February 10 – 24. Aside from it being a terrific chance to soak up some sun (think of the Vitamin D, people!), a SCUBA trip like this offers a number of other surprising health benefits:

  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Stress relief through slower breathing which induces calmness, as does floating while gazing at the majesty of aquatic life up close
  • Improved circulation and reduced blood pressure thanks to a low-impact cardio workout

So next time you’re stopping in at Morris Home Hardware for a number 2 wrench or a bag of screws, make sure to ask Mike “Sharky” Morris for some hot tips on more of his favourite dive spots, and say “tanks” for this week’s Great Find on Wellington West.

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