Hintonburg & Wellington Village

Parker went to the nearest spot they knew to get fresh vegetables. A restaurant the humans who only ate vegetables would go to.

Parker hid in a nearby bush and waited patiently for a customer to walk through the front doors and then stealthily crept in, staying hidden behind their ankle like a secret agent walking on a thin ledge. Then it was just seven scampers to the kitchen. It was early and the humans were still getting things setup. Parker admired the yellow glow of the squash. Parker licked their lips at the sight of the bright red peppers. The texture of the green broccoli sent shivers down Parker’s spine. Parker let a large smile spread across their face as they pondered why the delicious red cabbage was actually purple. Then there was the zucchini that worked great as a sword, black olives to juggle, and lima beans that set down just right, would gently rock back and forth ever so gently in a soothing rhythm.

Parker couldn’t decide which ones would be best, so they scooped up a little of each into a nearby bag and held it tightly in one paw.

Parker knew things were off to a good start but they needed more than vegetables to store away for winter. The nearby tennis courts were always a great spot for acorns, they recalled. As Parker began to make their way in that direction however, an amazing smell wafted through the air and right up Parker’s crinkled up nose. The smell was earthy, rich, and almost chocolatey. Something delicious had to be in the other direction.

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