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Heart Month in Wellington West

For the month of February we are focused on raising money for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

We have several businesses right here in our neighbourhood that are raising money through their own promotions all month.

Unfortunately our friend and city councilor, Jeff Leiper, suffered a heart attack this month, and got a first hand look at how the Heart Institute operates. As Jeff recovers, we quickly sat down to talk with him about his experience.

Check out our Executive Director, Dennis Van Staalduinen on CTV Morning Live, along with Lindsay Firestone of the Heart Institute, talking Heart Month in Wellington West

Thyme & Again have their heart shaped, sugar cookies back for another year, with proceeds going to support the Heart Institute, so you won’t have to feel guilty indulging in a sweet treat.

Twiss & Weber along with Wellington West painter, Alison Fowler are raising money through their Wall of H’Arts sale. Drop into the store anytime until the 14th to purchase a raffle ticket to win a very special painting by AliCat Art.

John’s Family Diner, The Table, Anytime Fitness, Giant Tiger and the Royal Oak will be selling paper hearts to raise funds all month, the hearts cost between $2 and $10, and 100 per cent of the proceeds go to the Heart Institute.

By supporting the Heart Institute during February is Heart Month, you will have a big impact on changing lives – and saving lives – in our community.


Staying fit and healthy this winter

This winter we are focusing on staying heart healthy in Wellington West. And luckily, there is no shortage of options around for staying active, eating healthy and taking care of yourself.

We’d love to see how you stay fit in these challenging winter months! Tag us on social media, and use #IHEARTWELLIWEST in your posts, we’ll enter you in our draw for a $50 Wellington West gift certificate! Let’s keep each other motivated and make this winter heart healthy!

We’ve been talking to some of our local health and fitness professionals and getting their advice on how to keep your body in good shape this winter, and we’re sharing those tips with you!

In this video we get a bit of Nutrition advice from Dr. Alexandra Sisam from Arc of Life Chiropractic and Health Group. She recommends eating lots of fruits and vegetables, naturally, but also recommends some neat supplements like Turkey Tail Mushroom and Elderberry Syrup

In this video, CrossFit Hintonburg shows us one simple exercise that you can perform at home or anywhere. Here fitness pros, Conor and Andy, demonstrate proper form for the Air Squat, and how to build up strength by starting out using a bench or seat.

In the next video, Dr. Pauline So from Arc of Life Chiropractic, gives us some advice on how to sleep with good posture, so that you can get the best quality rest and wake up feeling energized.

Here are a few more tips from us at the BIA on how to take care of yourself here in Wellington West.

Get outside

The Sir John A MacDonald winter trail is right on our doorstep, providing an amazing venue for all sorts of winter activities. With the recent snowfalls the trail is now in excellent shape and ready for you to get out and enjoy. Fresh Air Experience have their rental shed open now at Remic Rapids Park. They have skis and fat bikes available – for more info check out their 40 FINDS article.

Sweat it out

The cold air certainly isn’t for everyone though, and we’ve got you covered with many ways to stay fit in the comfort of the indoors.

Strength training is an amazing way to keep your body in top shape, and we have some of the best fitness experts ready to help you get those gains on. Check out Iron North Studio, Anytime Fitness, Free Form Fitness, CrossFit Hintonburg, CrossFit Bytown, CrossFit Wolvish and Premium Performance.

Spinning class is a fun way to keep your cardio up this winter. Wheelhouse Cycle provide an intense, full body workout in group classes that include pumping music and incredible trainers ready to challenge you.

Yoga is a great, low impact exercise that still does wonders for your body and mind, without putting too much strain on your joints. Try out newly opened, Metta Movement and Meditation Studio or old favourites, PranaShanti Yoga Centre

Eat Heart-Healthy

Good health starts with good food, and there is plenty to find in Wellington West. Grab a nutritious lunch on the go from SimplyRaw Express, or Thyme and Again. Take home some fresh, local food for yourself from Marche Hintonburg or Herb and Spice Food Shop.

Photo by Ellen Bond

Follow us on social media as we roll out more heart healthy tips from your local professionals here in Wellington West, and keep us in the loop as you stay active by tagging #IHEARTWELLIWEST