Hintonburg & Wellington Village

Parker loved visiting the school. The kids loved to pet and feed Parker. It was the teachers that Parker had to watch out for. The principal’s pet komodo dragon Karl was also one to avoid.

Parker first went to see the third graders. They always had the best sugary snacks and they could pretend that Parker was not there. Parker smacked his lips loudly on the tasty treats. SNIK SNAK SNIK!

Parker then went to see the second graders. They always had the best sandwiches and they were best at hiding Parker when their excitement drew the teachers attention. Parker chewed the sandwiches quietly. MMM, MMM, MMM.

Parker then went to see the first graders. They were pretty bad at keeping the secret that Parker was there, but they had the best drinks. Parker gulped down the drinks. GLUK, GLUK, GLUG!

The kids were all squealing happily and the teacher saw Parker. She called the janitor, who called the gym teacher, who called the principal, who let Karl out of his cage. Karl came wiggle waddling down the hall. CLICK, CLACK, CLICK, CLACK.

Parker ran back to the third graders room where Samantha D. hid them in her lunch bag until everyone was convinced that Parker had left. Samantha D. gave Parker a kiss on the head and let them take her lunch bag with them.

Once safely back on the far side of the school yard fence, Parker had a thought. With all that they had gathered, both of Parker’s front paws were full and their mouth carried more. Parker realized they may have collected more than they needed and would have to figure out what to do with the extra. Parker thought there wasn’t any better way to eat food than with friends, but Parker also remembered that there were other animals that might need the food more than they did.

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