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Meet Alexa from terra20

As the owner and operator of terra20’s Hintonburg location, Alexa Paz is constantly in pursuit of creating the best possible experience for her customers and helping to build a healthier, more sustainable planet for everyone.

Starting her journey with terra20 as a sales clerk in 2012 at the Pinecrest location, she quickly rose to take over managing that store. When the time came for the company to begin franchising out, they wanted Alexa to take the lead as their first independent owner and operator in Hintonburg, “At the time I was unsure, but I believe in the company and the brand,” says Alexa. “I love the sustainability component, I’m always looking for ways to save the planet.”

“Being in this position, I can create change in the company,” says Alexa. “I’m all about listening to the customers, making sure they are happy and understanding how they can help the business to grow and succeed.”

Growing up as a first generation immigrant from El Salvador with her mom and three siblings, Alexa brings a life experience to her business that ranges from struggle to success, “Having this opportunity, it’s like the Canadian dream,” says Alexa. “I want to take this chance and grow, show my mom that we made it.”