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Meet your 2020 fitness goals in Wellington West

Staying active in the winter months can be a struggle, that’s for sure. The great outdoors become a hostile and unwelcoming place for many, and that often leads to a bit too much time spent sitting down. With Heart Month coming up in February, it’s a great time to keep your ticker top of mind, and make sure you maintain a healthy activity level that will keep your heart strong all winter long.

Wellington West is here to help! We happen to have some of the top fitness professionals and facilities in a variety of disciplines right here in our ‘hood.

Conventional Gym

For the classic gym experience where you can come and go as you please at all hours with access to a variety of cardio and strength training equipment with personal trainers on staff, you’ll feel right at home in Anytime Fitness.

Guided Fitness Experience

Trying to navigate your own way through your fitness journey is no small task, and if you have the means, then leaving your workout programming in the hands of trained professional can make the whole process more enjoyable and more rewarding. A membership in any of these fitness studios will put you on a guided path to better health: Custom Strength, Free Form Fitness, Premium Performance, and Iron North Studio.


This fitness regiment combines weightlifting, calisthenics and high intensity cardio exercise for a full-body workout that builds strength, explosive power and endurance. We’re lucky to have three of these amazing gyms in our area, CrossFit Bytown, CrossFit Wolvish and CrossFit Hintonburg.


Winter bicycling can be a fun and adventurous activity, but it’s not foe everyone. You can still get on your bike and ride in the safety of the indoors by joining a spinning class, we’ve got a few options for you: Barres and Wheels, Wheelhouse Cycle and Iron North Studio.

Yoga and Movement

Fitness doesn’t have to be about grinding out reps with heavy dumbbells or marathon sessions on the elliptical machine. The most important thing you can do is move your body, and yoga is a tried and true art of movement that will help you increase strength, balance and endurance without any need for weights or machines. Check out: SoulSpeak Yoga, Metta Movement Studio and PranaShanti Yoga Centre.