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Mornings on LRT are about to get Happy

It’s been a pleasure to learn that Hintonburg’s own Happy Goat Coffee Company has been awarded a major city contract to set up retail locations in four of the city’s LRT stations.

Happy Goat outlets are coming to Tunney’s Pasture, Rideau, Hurdman and Blair stations on LRT Line 1. The transit kiosks will be opening this winter, hopefully by January 1st. The kiosks will be fairly small in size, with the Tunney’s Pasture kiosk being about 266 square feet.

“We’re looking forward to helping shape better mornings and great days for Ottawa commuters, with gourmet coffee and locally made food, served at the speed of O-Train,” says Happy Goat President and CEO, Henry Assad.

Michael landry, Manager of Happy Goat’s Hintonburg Location

The Happy Goat chain of coffee shops, which now includes five locations, started out from their first large roastery and cafe at 35 Laurel St. in Hintonburg. If you want to go way back, the Happy Goat brand of coffee beans first came to life in the Mechanicsville garage of Pierre Richard. Coffee lovers flocked to Pierre’s home to find his special selection of top-quality green coffee beans, bought directly from small farms and roasted to perfection in very small, fiddly batches.

Head Roaster, Dr. Hans Langenbhan

Despite growing massively in size, Happy Goat still carries on the philosophy started by Pierre. The company travel to the bean’s country of origin, to meet directly with the farmers, choose and negotiate a fair price for all their coffees sold. From here Head Roaster, Dr. Hans Langenbhan, and the other Happy Goat roasters take freshness and small-batch roasting to new creative heights. This guarantees incredible quality and originality unsurpassed anywhere else.