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Shopping List Scavenger Hunt for TASTE of Wellington West

TASTE of Wellington West and the Parkdale Food Centre are proud to present our first ever Shopping List scavenger hunt! While roaming the neighbourhood for delicious samples and delightful entertainment at TASTE of Wellington, why not share some pics and win some prizes? The more you find, the more times you are entered to win free meals from area restaurants!

The scavenger hunt is from 10am-4pm. Winners will be chosen throughout the day, so start hunting as soon as you can!

How to play:

  1. Take photo of a Shopping List item (below).
  2. Post picture to Twitter and/or Facebook.
  3. Use both hashtags #TasteofWW AND #PFCShoppingList, and tag @wellington_west.
  4. And… repeat!


Each draw will be to win one of the fantastic Prix Fixe meals for free! And a special BONUS prize goes to the person who completes the most things on the Shopping List. You don’t have to finish the whole list, but the more things you complete, the more times your name is entered into the draw.

SHOPPING LIST PART 1: Share a pic or selfie with…

  1. A TASTE of Wellington West sign, poster, or flyer

  1. A food-related fire hydrant sculpture

  1. The Parkdale Food Centre or a PFC logo

  1. Your favourite Wellington West restaurant

  1. Your favourite Wellington West store

SHOPPING LIST PART 2: Share a pic or selfie with…

  1. One TASTE sample that’s sweet

  1. One TASTE sample that’s savoury

  1. The Blender Bike (Hint: look at GCTC)

  1. PFC Let’s Talk Community (look at Somerset Square & Parkdale Park)

  1.  A Parkdale Food Centre Volunteer (They’ll be wearing red)

SHOPPING LIST PART 3Share a pic or selfie with…

  1. At least FIVE Prix Fixe menus

  1. A street performer or musician

  1. Art In Jest (at Hintonburg Community Centre)

  1. A business owner, server, or BIA volunteer

  1. The PFC Reverse Food Truck (on Hamilton Ave.)