Hintonburg & Wellington Village

Prix Fixe: Information for participating restaurants:

Sample menus from October 2018

What we do for participating restaurants – free of charge:

  1. We design and print a custom Prix Fixe menu card – that is suitable for slipping into a regular menu, displaying on a dining table or cash counter, and/or handed out on the day of TASTE of Wellington West. 
  2. We feature their menus in our Prix Fixe advertising – Every week in October we will feature a selection of new menus through paid social media and search engine advertising, our e-mail newsletter, a dedicated Prix Fixe Web page, Instagram promotions, and on the back page of Kitchissippi Times. 
  3. We shoot a free photography session – our photographer Ted Simpson will schedule a photo shoot with each participant to highlight their feature dishes, and we will share those photos with you to use in your own social media and advertising free of charge.
  4. Invitation to closing reception – at Parkdale Food Centre in the beginning of November.

What we need before September 12: 

Please send an e-mail to with the following three pieces of information: 

  1. Your special multi-course meal: select three to four dishes that work well together as a lovely meal for a single diner, but that will also highlight whatever new, specialty, or unique seasonal menu items showcase your establishment in its best possible light. 
    • Before September 12: send a list of included dishes and *brief* descriptions.  
  2. Choose one of three price points: please let us know which of the fixed prices below is best suited to your menu choices, clientele, and margins to include a 10% donation for each meal to Parkdale Food Centre. We only ask that the overall price of the combined dishes appear somewhat lower than the price a diner would normally pay if they ordered the same items “a la carte”.   
    • Before September 12: tell us which fixed price you prefer: $29, $39, or $49
  3. Choose a promotional start date: you may begin offering your promotion to customers as early as the day of TASTE of Wellington West September 21, but we will be announcing new menus every Wednesday, which will allow us to coordinate a period to advertise and promote your Prix Fixe menu more heavily: 
    • Before September 12: please tell us your first and second choice: October 2; October 9; October 16; October 23. 

At the end, we will ask you for a tally of the total number of meals sold, and you will make a donation to Parkdale Food Centre equal to 10% of the value of all the meals you sell.