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Members: set up your directory listing

Claim and link to your online services in the

NEW BIA Directory!

Important during COVID! Our new directory is not just a much better way for customers to find your physical location (but with embedded Google maps and mobile directions, it really is!); we are now using Feature Buttons in our directory to generate automated listings of online shops and takeout/delivery that the BIA will promote online, offline, through contests, and email marketing.



(Note: We’re also planning to create Gift Certificate, Online Class, and other custom  pages as soon as at least a few merchants use those buttons)


Don’t see your business listed? No problem!

Here’s how to make sure you are included.


STEP 1: Find and verify your listing details

Visit our new directory now, search for your business name, and click through to your business’s page to make sure the information and links are accurate, and the description and tags are up-to-date. Familiarize yourself with the Feature Buttons in particular – as many have already been set up as examples. 

STEP 2: Claim your listing to make edits

The fastest way: click the “Claim Listing” button on your business page and follow the instructions to set up a BIA member account, and we will approve you as quickly as we can to take control of your own listing.

NOTE: If you need help, detailed instructions are here, or email the office if you get stuck. 

Step 3: Set your online service “Feature Buttons”

IMPORTANT: This is how the BIA will promote your online offerings during the COVID lockdown!

To help us push customers to online offerings like Shopify stores, takeout systems, or gift certificate pages, please choose up to two “Feature Buttons” and add the best link for direct sales to customers.  

Step 4: Customize other features

After you set up your Feature Buttons, you can also customize these other features of your listing:

  • Upload multiple photos: every business will have at least one external photo by default, but we encourage you to upload a variety to show products, people, store layout, etc.
  • Social and Web links: please links channels you use actively – Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, even LinkedIn!
  • Key word tags: make listing more searchable by adding tags to describe your services.
  • Write a custom description: tell customers why they should visit your business!

Step 5: Help us promote the directory!

A  well-used BIA directory with links and maps pointing to your business will help you strengthen your Google “mojo” and boost businesses with no web page of their own. So please:

  • Help us boost our promotions – like our “Find the Gnomes” contest – every link helps! 
  • Help your neighbours – please check listings for businesses around you and remind them to customize their feature buttons.

We’re all in this together

Again, we cannot stress how important this is, as the BIA will be investing significant online and social advertising dollars over the next months to promote all BIA merchant services using our new Directory system.  

So if you do only one thing today, please:

Set up your Feature Buttons 
so the BIA can promote your online offerings and help you sell meals and products during the COVID shutdown!


And again, If you need help, detailed instructions can be found here. But also feel free to email Michelle at the BIA office for personal assistance, advice, or if you get stuck. 

Thank you!