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Small Business Week

October 21st to 26th is Small Business Week in Ontario, and as you all know in Wellington West we are HUGE advocates for our local, small businesses.

Did you know?

Quick facts about small businesses in Ontario:

  • Small businesses are the backbone of the Ontario economy, making important contributions to local communities across the province
  • There are over 400,000 small businesses in Ontario, providing important jobs and livelihoods for many Ontarians
  • Small businesses make up 98% of all Ontario businesses and 30% of Ontario’s provincial GDP
  • Small businesses employ over 3,000,000 Ontarians and two-thirds of all private sector workers in Ontario

40 FINDS in Wellington West

In 2018 and 2019 we created 40 stories about our small business owners here in Hintonburg and Wellington Village. These entrepreneurs continue to make our neighbourhood the beautiful, creative and eclectic community that we know and love.

Have you read all 40 FINDS? You are guaranteed to learn something new and interesting about some of your favourite Wellington West shop owners. Click here to go to the 40 FINDS main page and start getting to know the entrepreneurs of Hintonburg and Wellington Village.

You can always check our full directory of over 550 shops, services and restaurants in Wellington West.