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Fitness In Wellington West: for Mind, Body & Soul

Whether you’re looking to join a new health facility, achieve your fitness goals, or change up a current routine, Wellington West has you covered! In fact, there are so many motivating gyms and studios in our neighbourhood, that we strongly recommend that you check out our business directory here.

Here are a couple neighbourhood faves + a couple of anticipated newbies to get your heart pumping and set your mind at ease:

Fitness & Training Facilities:  

Weight and strength training can be intimidating, especially if you feel as though you have to do it alone. These fitness studios have teams that will help you make goals and crush them, giving you support and advice every step of the way. Some of these studios even offer yoga-related programs and personal training programs, be sure to check their websites for details.

 Yoga & Meditation: 

Yoga isn’t just about the physical exercise, it is largely a mental exercise as well. So whether you want to perfect your hand stand or simply find a moment in your week to quiet your thoughts and take a breather (literally), check out these yoga studios:

Keep an eye out for Meta Movement, opening soon along the up-and-coming Hintonburg Armstrong street around the corner from the original Beyond the Pale location on Hamilton Ave.

 Martial Arts:

Martial arts is a great way to learn self defense, strengthen personal discipline and increase character development. And let’s be honest, breaking a board in half with sheer force must feel pretty great, too. These gyms have classes for all ages and levels, as well as, competition training programs.

Specialty Studios:

If you are looking for innovative ways to get in your workout, check out these places that are taking the neighbourhood by storm. All the strength, flexibility and endurance training you could hope for, but in an unexpected and fun environment.

From yoga and meditation centres to cross-fit facilities with personal trainers to spin shops and martial arts studios-  we really have zero excuses NOT to be our best selves in mind, body and spirit! (Kinda helps us balance out all of the summer sweet treats and gelateria trips, right?) Many of them have overlapping services so be sure to check out their websites or Facebook pages for more details.

Photo Courtesy of: Premium Performance Fitness Centre