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Summer food in Wellington West – 2019

Summer time is in full swing here in Wellington West, it’s the best time to get out and discover something new in the ‘hood.

In the July issue of Edible Ottawa you’ll find our Summer Food, feature advertisement among the pages with some great food stories in the Ottawa area. Below you’ll find those same photos in full-sized glory and a few more words about each of these delicious food spots.

What better way to explore and experience a community than through its food? There is such an abundance of beautiful, delicious food here in Wellington West and so many opportunities to enjoy a meal and a beverage in the summer sun. Here are just a few of the summer treats you’ll find here, we hope you’ll get out and find a new favourite spot with us.

Jamari Espresso House, 5 Hamilton Avenue North.

On a warm, sunny day you’ll find the patio set and the large front door wide open, inviting the world to come in and relax. Jamari offer up a beautiful selection of foods, juices and coffees that will fuel your life and nourish your body.

Absinthe Cafe, 1208 Wellington St. West.

Imagine a smokey barbecue on a summer evening, with a perfectly mixed cocktail in hand. Now, if only you could have the experience without the shopping, prep or cleanup. Well, that dream can be real life, thanks to Absinthe and their mini, summer patio.

Marche Hintonburg Market, 1059 Wellington St. West

If you love the satisfaction of cooking up the perfect summer time meal at home, then the Hintonburg Market is an ideal place to pick up the best ingredients. Their selection of meats, cheeses and vegetables are sure to inspire.

Parma Ravioli, 1314 Wellington St. West

Want to serve a great meal at your own home, but completely lack any cooking skills? Parma Ravioli have got your back. Pick from a variety of dishes prepared from scratch, made with love just like an Italian Grandma’s kitchen. Just bring it home, set the oven, set a timer and become a hero.

Herb & Spice, 1310 Wellington St. West

If your ideal taste of summer involves fresh fruits, then Herb & Spice is the place for you. Local, colourful, juicy sweet fruit is waiting for you here.

Carben Food + Drink, 1100 Wellington St. West

Sipping on a bright, fruity and colourful cocktail while watching the world go by. Sounds like a beautiful way to spend a summer evening (or afternoon, we don’t judge). Let the experts at Carben take care of the mixology, grab a seat next to their huge windows and let Wellington West provide the ambiance.

Bar Laurel, 1087 Wellington St. West

Get all the flavours of the Mediterranean without having to set foot in an airport. Bar Laurel have the full Spanish experience right here at home: fresh tapas, fine wines and great times.

Stofa Restaurant, 1356 Wellington St. West

Kick back and let the culinary geniuses at Stofa take you on a journey of flavourful experience. Voted one of the top 100 restaurants in Canada, this Wellington West gem is a perfect venue to mark any special occasion.

Aurelius Food Co., 1283 Wellington St. West

Spice up your cooking with the most amazing olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Aurelius. Their flagship products are sourced from small-batch, artisanal producers in Italy, and are currently used in the kitchens of some of Ottawa’s best restaurants. They’ve also got a huge selection of flavoured oils and vinegars, along with a line of herbs, spices and stuffed olives to round out your meal.