Hintonburg & Wellington Village

Parker knew that time was short and what better help could they ask for than this rush of energy to gather goodies even faster. So off to this lovely collection of trees they went, knowing that they usually held the tastiest acorns around.

Sure enough tasty acorns were scattered all over the ground. Parker got right to work gathering the acorns into a pile. No sooner had he started than along came two joggers. A man and a woman. The man had a big dog on a leash, the woman had a little dog on a leash. They ran and trotted together very happily until the dogs spotted Parker.

The big dog barked. ROWF! ROWF! ROWF!

The little dog barked. YIP! YIP! YIP!

The man looked confused. The woman looked around to see what they could possibly be barking at.

“There!” the woman said, pointing at Parker.

The dogs took that as permission and took off after Parker. The big dog pulled the man by the leash. The little dog yanked the leash from the woman and took off. Parker, the big dog and the little dog ran in circles around each other.

The man fought with the leash and finally pulled it tight, just in time to trip the woman who’d caught up. Parker ran behind the man and the big dog pounced, landing on the man. Parker ran in five more circles and turned to see the mess of leashes and dogs and joggers all twisted up in a terrific knot.

Parker borrowed an empty little blue bag that had fallen out of the woman’s pocket, and filled it with acorns. With all that they had gathered, both of Parker’s front paws were now full and their mouth carried more. Parker realized they may have collected more than they needed and would have to figure out what to do with the extra. Parker thought there wasn’t any better way to eat food than with friends, but Parker also remembered that there were other animals that might need the food more than they did.

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