Hintonburg & Wellington Village

TASTE Awards are back! And we want your nominations!

This year awards will be given out for the following categories:



Best Light Lunch 

Voting runs Sept 26 – Oct. 2

Winner announced Oct. 3


Best Signature Entree

Voting runs from Oct. 3 – 9

Winner announced Oct 10



Best Fish Dish

Voting runs from Oct 17- 23

Winner announced Oct 24


Best New Taste

Voting runs from Oct 24 – 30th

Winner announced Oct 31


How do the Awards work?

Nominations and votes are collected via @wellingtonwest instagram alone. In all your messaging, direct your audiences to @wellingtonwest in order for their voices to count! And use #TASTEawards2021 #TASTEofWellingtonWest whenever possible!

Have fun with this! We look forward to watching and promoting the buzz that you create around your amazing dishes! And commend you and your staff for their work!

Friendly reminder: These nominations/awards are for individual dishes from a food establishment not for the establishment itself. Make sure your followers/customer base know to nominate a dish from your business not your business! ie. A restaurant can have their tuna tartare awarded “Best Fish Dish” but the restaurant can not be awarded “place for Best Fish Dish”.

Follow these 4 easy steps to get your dish from nomination to Champion of the World! (or Wellington West anyways!):

  1. Choose your dish! Select a Light Lunch, Signature Entree, Fish Dish, and/or New Taste (a dish from a new food establishment or a new dish on your menu) that you are particularly proud of and is a crowd favourite.
  2. Promote the heck out of it and get your dish nominated! Get busy on your social media channels during the categories’ respective nomination weeks (see above), and get your fans hyped to vote on the respective @wellingtonwest instagram nomination post.
  3. Your dish has been nominated! If your dish receives a lot of love, it will be on the official award ballot. Remember all that promoting you did earlier? Ramp it up during the voting week (see above)! Friendly rivalries and shameless plugs are encouraged!
  4. Vote! The people (and your fams) will vote and you’ll have a chance to win bragging rights, a $50 gift certificate for any Wellington West establishment of choice and a slick certificate for your front window.

We’d like to express gratitude in advance to all participating businesses for their involvement in the Awards. Really. Thank you. Good luck to all and may the best dish win!

Please check out the other opportunities we have for you to get involved