Hintonburg & Wellington Village

Parker needed ingredients for the Peanut Butter Pie. Loud chattering and laughter caught Parker’s attention at a nearby shop. Strangely dressed kids were headed out of the store carrying all sorts of different foods and drinks.

“That seemed like a great place to gather the ingredients,” thought Parker.

As Parker approached the shop’s doors, they opened automatically. Their eyes squinted from how bright it was inside. So many colors covered the shelves, and light reflected off the glass of many doors that held many drinks. Parker darted around looking for what the recipe required.

When Parker was rolling a jar of peanut butter toward the doors a shout came from behind.

“What in tarnations? Get out of here!”

Parker turned to look and saw a human running in their direction with a broom in hand. Leaving the jar right where it was, Parker leapt onto the nearby counter. The broom swept over their head, flicking levers and releasing Slushie drink all over Parker. Parker slipped off the counter and onto the floor getting under a shelf with bags of chips on it. The broom popped open bags and the crumbled pieces scattered all over them. Parker made it back to the door and scampered out, empty handed again.

As soon as Parker was outside, a vampire snatched them up and began pouring something all over them. Parker wriggled and squeaked but the vampire wouldn’t let go.

“Calm down,” said the vampire, “I’m just trying to clean you.”

Parker settled down long enough to see that they were surrounded by a vampire, a football player and a ghost. The ghost opened a bag of peanuts and offered it to Parker. Parker realized that these were just nice kids dressed up strangely. Once the vampire had cleaned off Parker, he put them down and the ghost left the peanuts on the ground.

The kids walked off and Parker followed them until they stopped at a house and knocked on the door. When the people opened the door the kids yelled, “Stinky Feet!” The people then tossed food and candy into the kids’ bags.

“That looks promising,” thought Parker, “But maybe I should just rest for a moment and come up with a new plan.”

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