Hintonburg & Wellington Village

The spicy scent led Parker to a building they’d passed many times but had never gone into since there were always too many humans coming and going. Some played volleyball, some played basketball, some would have meetings. There were all sorts of reasons to go there. Parker decided to risk it this time however, because they had to know what was creating that delicious aroma.

Inside the building, Parker found the gymnasium where the doors were held open with door stops. Many humans stood next to tables with pots and bowls. Other humans wandered from pot to pot tasting what was in them. Parker managed to climb one of the doors and perch on top of it for a better view. It was a chili cooking contest!

Parker snuck tiny tastes as the humans turned their backs to chat about chili. The fifth taste Parker took however didn’t just smell spicy, it felt spicy! Parker thought their tongue was on fire! Parker ran this way and that way and every which way looking for water to soothe their spicy tongue. Parker ran out of the room, into the hall, and passed a door with a blue lady on it. Parker dove headfirst into a toilet and slurped up the water!


Then Parker sadly made their way outside, clambered up a light post and worried about having enough food for winter. They had tried all day, but still had nothing. Parker thought it might be best to slow down and think up a new plan to gather food.

Then a group of children walked past dressed very strangely and carrying bags. Parker scrambled down the light post and followed them until they stopped at a house and knocked on the door. When the people opened the door the kids yelled, “Stinky Feet!” The people then tossed food and candy into the kids’ bags. “That looks promising,” thought Parker.

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