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WelliWednesday – August 24: Robb Kerr and Stuart Hoopfer

Next week’s edition of WelliWednesday spotlights familiar faces singer-songwriters of Wellington West!

  • Every Wednesday!
  • Shows at 5:30pm and 7:00pm
  • Pat MacLeod Community Stage in Parkdale Park

Brought to you by the Friends of Parkdale Market, with artist funding from our partners at Ottawa Markets, the August 24 WelliWednesday lineup features Hintonburg’s Stuart Hoopfer at 5:30pm and WelliWednesday favourite Robb Kerr at 7:00pm – two distinct voices with a mutually huge appreciation for the arts in our community!


Stuart Hoopfer

Hintonburg singer-songwriter

A musician and a music lover. Stuart brings his passion for the arts when he plays and loves to see people singing along. His musical influences range from the Rolling Stones and Dave Matthews Band to Foo Fighters.

I’ve lived in the Hintonburg neighbourhood for many years and have loved to see the area grow and the community flourish. It’s great to see the area become a spot for families, artists, and a destination for people outside of Wellington West.

Stuart Hoopfer

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Robb Kerr

Neighbourhood singer-songwriter and recording artist

Robb Kerr is an amazing Canadian singer-songwriter and recording artist from Ottawa, Ontario.

When it comes to performance, Robb brings it every time. From the moment he takes the stage, you can feel the shift of energy in the air. His low, heartfelt, raspy voice has a pleasant haunt to it, its timbre will get stuck in your head, making you want to listen again and again. Think Jeff Martin from the Tea Party, Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, or even Tom Petty’s “Last Dance” with Mary Jane. Robb has character when he sings and you can hear his heart bleeding with passion in every phrase. Robb has a raw, earthy approach to telling stories of every day life in a very unassuming manner.

Robb’s honest approach and eclectic lyric writing are refreshing to hear. With captivating melodies and long-held gravelly notes you will find yourself not just hearing what he’s doing, but feeling it from the inside out.

I occasionally have the opportunity to play at Daniel O’Connell’s, one of my favourite little pubs to perform at, and this will be the third time I’ve had the opportunity to perform on your stage in the park.

Robb Kerr

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